27 February, 2011

23 January, 2011

DIY CD Packaging

I just saw a site for eco and DIY record packaging! They look to have a rubber stamp and a cd wallet, something in previous posts I have hi-lighted as the most workable form of cd design on a budget.

"DIY CD Packaging - save money and create unique, handmade packaging.
Perfect for producing promo CDs!
  • Duplicated CD-Rs + 1 Colour Inkjet Print
  • Eco-Card Wallets (ready to be glued)
  • Custom Stamp & Ink Pad
    (Standard size 75mm x 25mm. Larger sizes available for additional cost.)
  • Easy to use glue pen"


26 September, 2010

Stamp Sets #2

I was looking under 'Stamp Sets' on Etsy. A lot of interesting sets can be found on there but I liked this one.
It would be good for making fan-fair style cd covers, but is a good example of how to make each piece original. It is always borderline on tacky with this sort of thing but the jagged leaves I would use in a a spiral to make a picture if I had to. But you can always get stamped Logo or design made made up from a computer design really quickly and rather cheaply too.

17 September, 2010

Stamp Set

An interesting stamp set for making images.
You could make each artwork unique for a release with a set stamps

15 September, 2010

Die Cutting

I was looking on google for more cheap ideas with die cutting and you can buy self stamps from ebay. All you need to do is use them on a paper sleeve to look effective.


10 September, 2010

The Rubber Stamp

I was looking online about rubber stamps and how they are made, as you can buy cd wallets cheap, well you can get a large stamp and ink pad for about £12 with a lot of detail in it.

You then stamp your cd and get all your information for an unlimited print run!

06 September, 2010


I saw this on my journeys on the internet, a logo and card business stamp, could be used for a good cd cover.

27 January, 2010

Interactive Ink


17 November, 2009

07 June, 2009

heat sensitive

I saw this and thought it was interesting, heat sensitive film that comes from the uk. It would look great around a cd or as a square in the centre of a 7'' record. Interactive artwork on a budget. 

16 March, 2009

Tape tastic

I found this record sealed with custom printed tape giving all the tracklisting details.

Jethro Tull

I loved the pop up in the centre fold of this 12".

30 December, 2008

Painting Record Covers

I saw this and thought it looked like an interesting way to make album covers that were all different, probably best for a 12".

However I was hoping it would end up looking more like a Pollock as below. a lot of energy and splashing you could end up with something impressive like Underworlds artwork for "Crocodile" or "Oblivion with Bells". Imagine the sleeves, tiled on the floor like paving slabs and then having paint throw and drizzled over them. All you would need is some Stickers for the names.

26 December, 2008

Red Snapper CD Packaging

I saw this cd, It is packaged in the same way that clothing is.
CD digipak with three swingtags, produced in various materials, are secured by a plastic kimble tag to a die-cut blank digipak. The kimble tag also fastens the digipak closed.

Albums & Promotionals in other Media

I started looking into who is using USB sticks at the moment and what for, this then got me interested in how people have been using "new technology" contemporary to the time.

The only brake of this is Radiohead for OK Computer. The record company sent out the promotional tapes in Walkmans - most of these were glued shut but the Walkmans here are very cheap as you can see but have had something about Radiohead screened onto them.

Then we step back in time to the floppy disc, now completely defunct. I cant think of anyone with a floppy driver built into their computer - tho i have seen a few external drivers about for under £5. Well these discs were used for different reasons. Mostly for press promotionals or screen savers but I have seen midi given away on discs before.

I first saw one of these singles in HMV in London. They never made it out to the regional branches so I think the stores had these on trial as much as the record company's in that they wouldn't stock them. Sadly the first one I saw was mika [hack-too] .` The only good thing was it did have a lot of media on for under £5.

Keane also did a set of these and apparently unopened are rather collectibles. However I got mine for the BigActive artwork - not for the music.

Personally I think usbs have some design flaws like they are ugly, hard to store and almost usless unless for large amounts of media like a few albums worth. After you have one the novelty is almost gone cuse when broken open you throw away the card and keep the stick in the bottom of a draw with old post it notes telling you to clean out your draws. They normally come on the smallest stick they can get away with. I have seen a few and I mean few brakes in this rule however - like a collection of albums...

Radiohead Box Set is a collection of six studio albums and one live album recorded by Radiohead, reissued as a box set on December 10, 2007. The box set is available as seven CD box set, a digital download and a 4GB USB Stick. So from that you can get a lot onto a usb driver. It also diverts me onto shaped usb drivers - most of these come in box sets. So they are easier to store in that they don't tumble about.

Portishead box set with P shaped usb. I think this is a 4GB One. So its large enough to use for other things - unlike the singles that give you about 254mb

Some of the other Shaped USB's you can get.

Ringo start and J-lo now have something in common. Ringos album turned the USB into a Charity bracelet styled item. I thought that was rather good and would be great it you could lock it but sadly it pings undone.

J-Lo had her album made into a necklace with this Adam & Eve driver.

Slightly earlier forms of album and usb was The Rolling Stones with this Flash Drive connected with a USB plug.

What now for the future?
Well thanks to Hard Format I saw this Snow Patrol software for interactive use with the album. So maybe skipping the usb and having some sort of download card might be the future, you get iTunes cards so maybe just that artists album on credit might be a more ecological use of packaging by removing it all together.